About Shivamogga Smart City

ಶಿವಮೊಗ್ಗ ಸ್ಮಾರ್ಟ್ ಸಿಟಿ ಬಗ್ಗೆ

Shivamogga Smart City

Shivamogga, located at the heart of the state of Karnataka, is located on the banks of the Tunga River, about 569 m above sea level. The tallest is the Malenadu and the gateway to the Western Ghats. Shivamogga, the district headquarters, has a number of universities, medical colleges, engineering colleges, agriculture, horticulture and veterinary medicine and Ayurvedic medical colleges.

Mission Statement

Transforming Shivamogga from a mere Edge City Of Bengaluru to the Most Preferred Destination within the region with a strong focus on economic development and provision of enhanced Connectivity , high Quality of Life, Ecological integration and Inclusive development.

        Smart City Mission Objectify at

  1. Improve Quality of life by providing good infrastructure.
  2. Enhance service delivery through use of Smart Solutions.
  3. Cities to have clean and sustainable environment.

Annual Report

ವಾರ್ಷಿಕ ವರದಿ


ಆರ್ ಟಿ ಐ



Managing Director - Shivamogga Smart City Limited (SSCL)
Dr . S. Selvakumar, I.A.S., Chairman of Shivamogga Smart City Limited and District in Charge Secretary of Shivamogga
SRI DR M T REJU , IAS Managing Director KUIDFC, Bangalore
Shri K P Mohan Raj, IAS, Nominee Director, Managing Director, KUWSDB
Shri Dr.Selvamani R, IAS, Nominee Director, Deputy Commissioner Shivamogga..jpeg
Shri Mayanna Gowda k,KMAS,Nominee Director,Commissioner,Shivamogga City Corporation .jpeg
Smt. M S Archana. IAS, Nominee Director
Nominee Director, Director of Municipal Administration, Bangalore
Independent Director
Mayor, Shimoga City Corporation (SCC),Nominee Director
Nominee Director
Sri Gnaneshwar Siddappa.jpeg
Nominee Director
Nominee Director

Officers and Staff Details

ಅಧಿಕಾರಿಗಳು ಮತ್ತು ಸಿಬ್ಬಂದಿ ವಿವರಗಳು

Sl.no. Name Designation Phone No.
1 Chidanand S Vatare Managing Director 9591419817


S Ranganath Naik Chief Engineer 9448146098
3 Sharath Babu R M Company Secretary/General Manager Admin 9686999709
4  VijayaKumar A V Executive Engineer 9141474744
5  Krishnappa M Executive Engineer 9448572889


Pradeep Kumar B  Senior Urban Planner 08182 279951
7 Bridgit Vargheese Asst.General Manager(Admin)/CDO 9480022672
8 Thimmappa K R  Audit Officer 9448681831
9 Kanthraj  A T Audit Officer 9945575144
10  Shivalingaiah H C Asst. Executive Engineer 9482912566
11  Laxman N  Asst. Executive Engineer 9481348763
12 M Mahadevappa Asst. Executive Engineer(Ele) 8105558389
13 Chidambara Rao K Asst.Executive Engineer(Civil) 9916318926
14  Mohan Rao M S Asst.Executive Engineer(Civil) 9448342788
15 Rajkumar D Asst.Executive Engineer(Civil) 9611409890
16 Bhemanaik K J Asst.Executive Engineer(Civil) 9480414707
17 Krishnamurthy N Account Superindent 9060160404
18  Lakshmi H N Account Superindent 7259979956
19  Priyadarshini H S Asst. Engineer (Civil) 9844732311
20 Chethan S P Asst. Engineer(Civil) 9844334421
21 Ashwin A N Asst. Engineer(Civil) 9538905629
22 Abhilash B Asst. Engineer(Ele) 8884860297
23 Halesh S Asst. Engineer(Civil) 9535309583
24 Raghunandan C Manager Software 9353602043
25 Kavana T D Asst. Engineer(Civil) 7349713212
26 Honna Kumara M E Asst. Engineer(Civil) 9481192889
27 Sharath Kumar H R Asst. Engineer(Civil) 9738578987
28 Deepak Kumar S Asst. Engineer(Civil) 9632084450

Venkatesh A N

Asst. Engineer(Civil) 8147002065

Manoj L Chavan

Asst. Engineer(Civil) 8618941425
31 Sachin Kumar D V Asst. Engineer(Ele) 8317420012
32 Santhosh Kumar R Sagar Asst. Engineer(Ele) 7892691399
33 Kotresha A S Junior Engineer(Civil) 9008002717
34 Varun S Karigar Junior Engineer(Civil) 8495802906
35 Ranganath S Junior Engineer(Civil) 9632951876
36 Vijay A GIS Data Analyst 9886685586
37 Shilpa M Executive Assistant 08182 279951
38 Deepak B M Executive Assistant(Technical) 08182 279951
39  Chethan K S Executive Assistant(Technical) 08182 279951
40 Shalini L (PA to MD) Executive Assistant (Computer) 08182 279951
41 Deepika Pawar H S Executive Assistant(Computer) 08182 279951
42 Kannika P Executive Assistant(CS) 08182 279951
43 Suresha M Executive Assistant(Accounts) 08182 279951